Long drive to and from Anime North but it was well worth it. Did a little cosplaying. Please take it easy on us as it was our first time going to an anime convention and cosplaying too, we had noooo idea what we were doing. But anyways, had a lot of fun running around looking at all the cool stuff and pointing out all the characters I knew. So many awesome people there too, dressed as the coolest things and doing the coolest things. You guys are awesome. Didn’t think we’d get so many requests for pictures too. Geeze people. Special shout out to the girls who asked right as we walked in the door. I was so nervous then and you guys made it so much better, wasn’t expecting that. xD

But yes, anyways, so happy I went. And so happy cosplay wasn’t as lame as I thought it would be. :1 Hoping to come on out next year, or to some other con at some point in my life.

And also, Fushimi cosplay by me, kyousauce. Yata cosplay by that one weirdo, thesablestar. Riza cosplay by that one loser who doesn’t have a tumblr, but we still love her. :3

26 May 2013 at 11:22pm with 6 notes

  1. sylvershadoes said: geezus julleey, you’re all so cute!! tho im disappointed in beth for not making her hair look short the way i taught her to. so glad you guys had fun!!!
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